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Welcome to our on-line compounds catalogue. Search for chemicals in our continually updated catalog of over 2,000 available rare chemicals and building blocks. You can search for the products by IUPAC and trade name, part of name, CAS registry number, product number, molecular formula, structure or substructure. Catalogs in SDF format (ChemFinder, etc.) and DB format (ISIS Base) are also available.

• Search by Keyword

You can search for the products you require by chemical name (e.g. 2-morpholin-4-yl-6-thianthren-1-yl-pyran-4-one), part of chemical name (e.g. thiomorpholine), molecular formula (e.g. C17H12F4O4), CAS registry number (e.g. 753391-71-8), MDL Number (e.g. MFCD00014874), EINECS (e.g. 205-529-2) or product number (e.g. EC-000.2036).

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• Molecules of Interest

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• Search by Structure

The "Search by Structure" feature is used to locate products by chemical structure or substructure. Simply draw a structure or structure fragment in the editor provided and click the search button. To search the Exclusive Chemistry catalog by drawing structures on-line click Structure Search.

• E-Catalog

This service availble only for registered users. If you are new user, please register your organisation to get appropriate login and password.
Database in: SDF format (ChemFinder, etc.) | DB format (ISIS Base)

E-Catalog access will be granted only to the companies and institutions which are buying compounds and compound libraries. If you are an intermediate, a computational service company, please contact us for a special arrangement.

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