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CFTR modulators for treatment of Cystic Fibrosis - 35 compounds

The largest collection of small molecules that rescue the cell surface expression (CFTR correctors) and function (CFTR potentiators) of CF mutants.

The chemical structure lookup service is also available. If you do not see a compound you are looking for, we offer custom synthesis service.

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Order number | Product Name
EC-000.0186         VRT-325 
EC-000.0217         VRT-640 
EC-000.1409         VRT-532 
EC-000.1907         GlyH-101 
EC-000.1908         CFTR Inhibitor 172 
EC-000.1909         DASU–01 
EC-000.1910         Phenylglycine-01 
EC-000.1911         Sulfonamide-03 (SF-03) 
EC-000.1912         UCCF-853 
EC-000.1913         dF508act-02 
EC-000.1914         UCCF-029 
EC-000.1915         3-(3-Butynyl)-5-methoxy-1-phenylpyrazole-4-carbaldehyde 
EC-000.1916         UCCF-152 
EC-000.1917         Corr-3a 
EC-000.1918         Corr-4a 
EC-000.2036         NS004 
EC-000.2051         Ataluren 
EC-000.2052         Dynasore 
EC-000.2089         KM11057 
EC-000.2090         KM11060 
EC-000.2093         N-(4-Fluorophenyl)-4-p-tolylthiazol-2-amine 
EC-000.2094         Compound 3d 
EC-000.2095         Compound 4c 
EC-000.2096         N-(2-(2-Methoxyphenylamino)-4'-methyl-4,5'-bithiazol-2'-yl)benzamide 
EC-000.2098         N-(2-Fluorophenyl)-2-(1H-indol-3-yl)-2-oxoacetamide 
EC-000.2099         Compound 5c 
EC-000.2100         Compound 5a 
EC-000.2101         Corr-2b 
EC-000.2103         Compound 15JF 
EC-000.2263         Oxo-172 
EC-000.2267         Tetrazolo-172 
EC-000.2268         4-(4-Methoxy-3-methylphenyl)-N-(3-methylpyridin-2-yl)thiazol-2-amine 
EC-000.2273         2-Benzothiazol-2-yl-8-tert-butyl-1,2,4-triaza-spiro[4.5]decane-3-thione 
EC-000.2282         PPQ-102 
EC-000.2478         VX-770 

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