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Hydroxamic Acids - 21 compounds

The chemical structure lookup service is also available. If you do not see a compound you are looking for, we offer custom synthesis service.

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EC-000.1404         5-Amino-N,2-dihydroxybenzamide 
EC-000.1745         N-Hydroxy-2-quinolinecarboxamide 
EC-000.2049         Guanoxabenz hydrochloride 
EC-000.2057         Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA) 
EC-000.2085         Didox 
EC-000.2275         M 344 
EC-000.2286         Belinostat 
EC-000.2287         LBH589 
EC-000.2331         CI-1040 
EC-000.2337         JNJ-26481585 
EC-000.2348         PCI-24781 
EC-000.2460         Scriptaid 
EC-000.2463         N-Hydroxy-7-(naphthalen-2-ylthio)heptanamide 
EC-000.2464         APHA Compound 8 
EC-000.2465         4-(Dimethylamino)-N-(6-(hydroxyamino)-6-oxohexyl)benzamide 
EC-000.2466         BML-281 
EC-000.2467         CBHA 
EC-000.2471         Givinostat 
EC-000.2473         Tubastatin A 
EC-000.2480         Droxinostat 
EC-000.2481         SB939 

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