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Sulfonamide-03 (SF-03)

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:

491.57 g/mol

Cas Number: 423136-40-7

EINECS Number: n/a

MDL Number: MFCD09054669

Catalog Number:


Corrector of defective ΔF508-CFTR gating. Potency: Ks= 30 nM

Sulfonamide-03 (SF-03) structure

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CFTR modulators

Melting Point: n/a | Boiling Point: n/a | Density: n/a | Refractive Index: n/a

Synonym chemical name(s)

Sulfonamide-03 (SF-03)
6-(Ethylphenylsulfamoyl)-4-oxo-1,4-dihydroquinoline-3-carboxylic acid 2-methoxy-benzylamide

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