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Compound Libraries and Building Block

For research companies we offer building blocks for combinatorial chemistry and a library of drug-like small molecules for drug discovery research. Our chemical catalogue contains more than 2000 novel compounds for the above applications and general synthetic use. Most of these compounds are exclusive and not available in other companiesí catalogues. The collection of organic intermediates includes the following classes of compounds: piperazines, coumarins, pyridines, imidazole, thiazoles, indoles, aminoacids, etc.

All our compounds are synthesised in-house using classical organic procedures and are subject to rigorous quality control procedures. The minimum purity of all compounds is 90% (but 95% on average). Purity is normally checked by 1H NMR (Bruker 500 MHz) but, if this is inconclusive then we would proceed to 13C NMR, elemental analysis and mass spectroscopy, using whichever technique is most suitable for the compound being studied. As all of the chemistry is our own, resynthesis is continually carried out to replenish stocks.

To help you find our products via online catalog, we offer various search methods.

• Molecules of Interest

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• Search by Structure

You can draw the substructure that you are looking for and search for all the products containing this structure. To draw a molecule click Structure Search. Java-VM have to be enabled in your browser!

• Search by Keyword

You can search for the products you require by IUPAC and trade chemical name, part of name, molecular formula, CAS number or product number.

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• Catalog in SDF format, DB format and PDF format

This service availble only for registered users. If you are new user, please register your organisation to get appropriate login and password.

Database in: SDF format (ChemFinder, etc.) | DB format (ISIS Base)

Database access will be granted only to the companies and institutions which are buying compounds and compound libraries. If you are an intermediate, a computational service company, please contact us for a special arrangement. If you have problems with using our compounds database please send e-mail

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